Feasibility Studies

economical and technical studies for your animal production project

We offer the full detailed studies for animal production projects which is tailor made for you depending on your project's budget, location, targets ..etc.

Our studies involve all aspects of the project starting with the infrastructure and project's assets till the daily expenses and production leading to the expected profits from your investment to have a clear vision before you start to make the right choice with no need for trial risks.

Farms Designing

Designing animal production projects and supervising it's construction

Our team can support you with the layout designs of your dairy or beef project, whatever it's size, whether it's a new project, upgrading your current farm or expansion of your business.

We can help you through:

  • Selection of proper location for your project

  • Planning the layout including barns, calf units, parlors, feed storage facilities, manure handling ... etc.

  • Revising the construction designs

  • Supervising the construction processes

  • Technical support for selection of machinery, tools, equipment and animals to ensure achieving maximum possible efficiency



Technical support and consultation for animal production farms management

4GENETICS team offer the consultancy services in farms management by continuous observation of all aspects of work in your farm through:

  • Regular visits.

  • Daily reports.

  • Analysis of herd data and implementation of proper plans to improve efficiency.

  • Balancing of different rations to improve feed efficiency.

  • Implementation of fertility protocols and reproductive programs to achieve highest fertility rates.

  • Implementation of preventive health and vaccination protocols to improve herd health and reduce need for culling and improve herd longevity.

  • Implementation of heifers raising protocols.